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National Collective is the non-party movement for artists and creatives who support Scottish independence. The views and opinions of our 1,600+ members, like yourself, are important for shaping our work, strategy and direction. As the referendum draws near the momentum behind the Yes movement is building. 2014 looks like it is going to be one of the most exciting of our lives. 

To help us achieve a Yes vote we’d like to ask for your feedback on how we’re doing and for your ideas. We’re also looking for your input to help shape our manifesto and a major cultural event for 2014, which will be the focal point of the cultural campaign for Scotland’s independence.

To do this please fill in the simple survey below. It should only take a couple of minutes.

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Key Projects



We’re looking for your input on our most ambitious project to date. National Collective aims to create a document to illustrate not only the breadth of artistic talent at work in our country, but to show how this well developed cultural autonomy informs the decision that we are all about to make.

Provisionally entitled ‘A Cultural Manifesto for Independence’, we aim to include a range of voices from a variety of disciplines. This document will include a ‘Statement of Cultural Independence’ that we’ll ask contributors, and the wider artistic community, to sign.

Historically, Scotland’s artists have never shied away from confronting age old questions about who we are, and who we want to be, as a people. At this crucial juncture we’re asking artists to contribute to this project, in the medium of their choice, based on the following brief:

Tell us why the idea of independence sparks your imagination and how you think constitutional change will affect the role of the artist in Scotland.

Take part: National Collective Survey or email [email protected]




The success of the recent Radical Independence Conference 2013 has given an indication of what is possible. National Collective is planning a major cultural event involving artists, activists and members across Scotland for 2014. 

This event will be the focal point of the cultural movement for independence and will be designed to inspire, engage and ultimately enable our members and undecided voters to imagine a better Scotland. We are looking for input from all our members for how this event should be realised, and any creative ideas for the event itself.

Take part: National Collective Survey or email [email protected]