National Collective Member Showcase (March)


Welcome to the second of National Collective’s monthly showcase of members’ arts contributions. Our independence movement is writing, painting and illustrating Scotland from the ground up, and this space will exemplify how self-expression and self-determination go hand in hand. We would like to offer this space to all our members to express and articulate themselves in interesting visual and imaginative ways.

“Pull Scotland up,
And who can say
It wouldn’t bud
And blossom too.

A miracle is
Our only chance.
Up, men, up
And let us dance!”

– Hugh MacDiarmid, A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle

Music by Andrew Eaton-Lewis

We Are Not A United Kingdo by Omar Al-Zidjali

Screen Printing by Dhivya Kate Chetty




‘Lady Alba’ by Zara Gladman

Music by Eileen Penman, recorded at the National Collective Edinburgh Session

Painting by John Martin Fulton


“I might paint fairly patriotic-looking pictures but my Yes is a level-headed decision to try for a government for our country that is elected by the people here, rather than keeping one that Scotland didn’t vote for in the first place”
– John Martin Fulton

Illustration by Gillian Martin



The National Collective Zine #1




If you would like to see your work included in the next monthly showcase, contact me at

Yours aye,

Andrew Redmond Barr
National Collective