Album Exclusive: PoP Campaign – HAME

HAME is the third album by PoP Campaign and is released on Thursday 1 May by CARP Recordings. Above you can hear a preview of the first song ‘Aye Like’, and you can listen to the whole album exclusively via National Collective below.

Mark (PoP Campaign):

After the release of the last album, thoughts of the impending referendum were floating around my head. Whilst the previous record dealt with issues around British culture and its place in society, I wanted this one to reflect Scotland and our future as a nation.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no party political broadcast. It is the sound of memories, visions and ties with the Scotland I grew up in. The days I loved and the nights I’d rather forget.

The album is merely one track long. The first half focuses on the sights and sounds of Alba: an old man discussing memories places and events, the omnipresence of rain, the Tartan Army, clinking bottles and that feeling inside a club at 3am. The second half is dedicated entirely to a spoken word piece detailing a messy Ayrshire derby between Ayr United and Kilmarnock on ‘Saturday 15th February 1999’.

It weighs in at just over 26 minutes and is separated into sections:

Aye Like
TA on Trafalgar Square
Saturday Night, Paisley Road West
Aye Like (Refrain)
That’s the Fuckin’ Polis Here
Comin’ Doon
Saturday 15th February 1999

This is, by no means, everyone’s Scotland. It is very much a personal exploration and as a result, west-centric. This is my interpretation of HAME. I hope some of it resonates with you too.

We are extremely pleased to be giving the first snippets of the album to National Collective members. When thinking of a launchpad for the release, we could envisage no better place. This first snippet is from the very beginning of the album, the section entitled ‘Aye Like’. This track was created as a postcard snap of places I have visited in Scotland.

Listen to HAME in its entirety here.

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