#YesGenerations – What If Your Future Depended On A Single Day?


Survation just put Yes at 47%. A win is still within our grasp, but only if each and every one of us does everything we possibly can, and do it now.

So, Generation Yes and National Collective have combined forces to create a project by young people, for all of us – #YesGenerations.

The polls convey that the only demographic that is still a majority No are the over 60s. With an aging population, that’s an incredibly significant and important proportion of the vote. Next Thursday, we could take the first step in creating a new future: towards a fairer, nuclear free, democratic society. We need to pull together to strive to overcome the scare stories and effectively put our message across to our loved ones.

Because the vast majority of the mainstream media does not back the Yes movement, we have relied heavily on alternative media as a means of disseminating our messages. #YesBecause was a hashtag created by National Collective that asked the people of Scotland to write about their reasons for voting Yes. During a 24-hour period the hashtag reached over 3 million people. As effective as it was at reaching those online, it missed the older members of society who, by in large, tend not to access alternative media online.

On Sunday the 14th, just 4 days before the referendum, we are asking each and every one of you to take a break, and reach out to older family members and loved ones by going to visit them, emailing them, calling them, and/or sending them letters to stress the importance of a Yes vote for all of our futures. After all, you know them best, and they will respect what you have to say – more than any ‘man on the telly’!

The over 60’s have been continually hit with sensationalised scare stories, a classic example being the common lie told that pensions would not be safe in an independent Scotland, despite yer actual Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) saying the exact opposite. Because we know that addressing such a significant subject which will massively affect people’s lives can be daunting, we’ll be supplying a downloadable information pack tomorrow which includes a copy of the letter from the DWP, and all of the information you will need to speak to our family members and loved ones about this. In the meantime you can access our website.

You are the difference between Yes losing, and a Yes winning our referendum. To make this happen, this is what you need to do:

  1. Call your folks, and tell them to expect a visitor on Sunday – If you can’t visit them for any reason, not to worry, just jump to point 2.
  2. Download the #YesGenerations pack, and get yersels clued up on the facts. The information is just a guideline though. You know your loved ones best, so how to approach the topic with them.
  3. This Sunday, head over for a visit. If you can’t visit them, phone, or alternatively write a letter or send an email. Be creative here! Videos, poems, handwritten letters etc. are a much more personal way of putting your message across.
  4. Listen to what they have to say, engage with their concerns, and answer their questions.
  5. Share their responses on social media using the hashtag #YesGenerations.

It’s down to us to make this happen – Good luck!

Miriam Brett