If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

A few days ago I wrote about the continuing clusterfuck of ineptitude that is the Westminster led No campaign, thinking that really we’d seen them sink as low as they possibly could when they tried to fly a Saltire above Downing Street, only for it to fall off.  Good news, we were wrong!

They’ve continued with their bizarre campaign of misinformation, manipulation and lies that are discredited almost as soon as they’re released.  Better Together have demonstrated time and again that they hold the voters in Scotland in contempt and that they just don’t get it. Bringing 100 Labour MP’s and peers up from England for a very strange photocall just highlighted this further.

So, here’s another few examples of campaign clowning that put Better Together up there as one of the worst political campaigns of modern politics. Enjoy!

6. Labour activist and No supporter, Dr Eoin Clarke decides to challenge the Scottish Labour lies.


5. Alex Johnstone Conservative List MSP doesn’t get it.

“Alex explains the concept of ‘the tactical vote'” – allow me to explain the concept of ‘you’re an unpopular politician who is clearly bitter at losing out in the Conservative primary for the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine candidacy in 2015’.

In this rambling, nonsensical piece of writing for the north-east’s Mearns Leader, Alex Johnstone MSP suggests that people are voting Yes because they’re spiteful about England’s 1966 World Cup victory, or that they might be of Irish heritage and be seeking revenge for the deeds of Oliver Cromwell.


4. Scottish Labour have always been at war with Eurasia.

The Scottish Labour twitter account will be looked back on as one of the great missteps of the Better Together campaign.  They have focussed relentlessly on Alex Salmond, regularly using the phrase “Scotland vs Salmond” while maintaining publicly that they’re not obsessed with Eck.   In propaganda terms it’s only comparable to Iraq’s Comical Ali, who famously insisted they would still win the Iraq war (which Labour took us into illegally), while the sound of fighting involving US troops could be heard in the background of the press conference.

Scottish Labour’s social media staffers are clearly big fans of this tactic…

  They seem to forget that other people use the internet…  

3. The BBC’s Nick Robinson gets his airse skelped by Alex Salmond, then pretends it didn’t happen…

2. Better Together put forward rape apologist George Galloway in a debate for 16 and 17 year olds

Skip to 14.10 for some extraordinary chauvinism from Galloway followed by a phenomenal reply by Patrick Harvie, reminding the audience that Galloway referred to rape as “bad sexual etiquette”.  According to the BBC’s James Cook, Galloway was put forward for the debate by Scottish Labour and Better Together.

1. Labour bring 100 MPs and peers up from England for a photocall beside the statue of Donald Dewar.

And we all know, People Make Glasgow.  We love you Glasgow, truly.

Truly, Better Together, the gift that keeps on giving. And we didn’t even mention the bigoted Orange march in Edinburgh.

Title Photo: Peter McNally / Documenting Yes

David Officer
National Collective