Loki: The Sleeping Giant Stirs

Democracy has awakened. Wiping the sleep from its eyes, its morning stretch can be heard in the bowels of Westminster. Every sinew of the British State is now in perpetual spasm. Democracy has induced a strange form of political convulsion in this dead Empire. The palpable buzz we feel in the air around us is the emotional pay off for taking action along lines of principle.

Regardless of whether political objectives are met in the time frame we desire, we must pause for a moment and reflect on the present moment we find ourselves in. A moment we have carved out of a history we were only supposed to learn about, but never attempt to shape.
We are now living in the most democratic period in recent British history.

You need only consider the reaction to BBC bias to recognise that people everywhere are really stirring. Rogue activists are taking to the streets while political organisations of all kinds are mobilising in ever-increasing numbers. Political parties, like the Scottish Greens and the SSP, have been reborn with a new sense of mission.
We have stopped asking for permission to be who we are. We’ve pushed through all of the barriers placed in our path – many barriers of our own design. As a people, we have stopped thinking like consumers and started thinking like citizens.

Collectively our mind state is improving after a long struggle with mental illness.

97% of people are now registered to vote – including tens of thousands of young people.

This is truly unprecedented.

We have now seen behind the curtain of the United Kingdom’s democratic simulation. We see the BBC at odds with itself about what it means to inform the public in times of constitutional crisis. We see David Cameron colluding with executives to flood our news feeds with warnings about economic uncertainty, while those very same interests pursue policies which are incompatible with fairness and human well being. We see all of this and more, for the first time, with sober eyes.

Come Dine With Me has lost its hypnotic and familiar allure. Sport no longer retains the same frothy appeal. Jeremy Kyle is no longer an arbiter of British moral authority and career politicians representing the interests of an elite that despises democracy, are no longer fooling us with their sound bytes and smooth presentation.

We are no longer fighting for a democracy; we are actually willing it into existence.

It’s as if we have all given ourselves permission to indulge in reality again and start dealing with the consequences. We are all deeply flawed and passively complicit in this ongoing mess of a world. But we can also choose to aspire to something more. This is why we are quite special as a species.

We can create anything we can perceive – eventually.

The true potential each and every one of us possesses upon becoming conscious of our inherent power, is the best kept secret in human history.

Let them call us communists, nationalists and all the others too. We no longer have to accept these rules of engagement. We no longer have to apologise for looking at our lives through a moral lens. We have spoken with a collective voice and the UK is struggling to contain the single biggest threat to its existence since the Cold War.

Retain your calm as the tension inexorably rises. Stay focused on making a positive case to those who are undecided. Let Salmond deal with the media circus and if your faith has been dented with the propaganda onslaught: SNAP OUT OF IT RIGHT NOW.

There is no time for self-indulgence. There is no time for doubt. We no longer know fear.
We are no longer afraid.

The untold story of the world right now is a tale of millions of people around the world regaining consciousness from the most immersive day-dream ever. We have reestablished the link between our lives and our politics. We see how they connect again. It’s a privilege to be alive in such times.

We can’t be alive in any time but now. Let us go to it.

I’ll see you on the other side.

National Collective

Image by Keven Harris


About Loki

Loki, real name Darren McGarvey, is a Glasgow-based writer, performer, community activist and journalist. He is most renowned for his crucial role in the development and evolution of Scottish hip-hop, and his presence as a rapper and musician.