Event: Changin Scotland, November 28-30, The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool


Changin Scotland
A weekend of politics, culture and ideas …. And fun!
Friday November 28th-Sunday November 30th
The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool


Friday November 28th

Welcome: Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart

Scotland after the Vote
Neal Ascherson, author, writer and journalist; author of ‘Stone Voices’ and ‘Games with Shadows’ in conversation with Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland

Saturday November 29th
The Indy Referendum in International Context

Matt Qvortrup, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Cranfield University and according to the ‘Financial Times’, ‘a world authority on referendums’

What Do We Do About Scotland, England and the UK?

Gerry Hassan, author, ‘Caledonian Dreaming’ and ‘Independence of the Scottish Mind’ and Adam Tomkins, Prof. of Public Law, Glasgow University

12.45-2.15pm Lunch

Ambiguity, Complexity and Hope

David Greig, playwright and writer and Kathy Galloway, activist and writer; currently works for Christian Aid and a member of the Iona Community

Gender, Power, Radicals and Leadership

Laura Eaton Lewis, activist, part of the New Leadership Assembly, Director of The Work Room, artist and writer and Kate Higgins, Women for Independence and author, ‘Generation Scot Y’

Changin Scotland Extra
5.30-6.15pm: Imagining Scotland’s Future as a Northern Nation
Lateral North’s Tom Smith presents an outline of their work on Scotland’s future in conversation with Andy Wightman, author, ‘The Poor Had No Lawyers’

8.30-10.00pm: Land, Social Change and the Highlands
Jim Hunter, writer and historian on land reform, community regeneration and the Highlands in conversation with Andy Wightman

Sunday November 30th

10.30-11.15pm: After Changin Scotland
Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart discuss what comes next

11.30-1.00pm: Where Now for ‘Radical Scotland’?
Cat Boyd, Radical Independence Campaign and co-author, ‘Scottish Independence: A Feminist Response’
Ross Colquhoun, National Collective
Kate Higgins, Women for Independence and author, ‘Generation Scot Y’
Miriam Brett, Common Weal
Chaired by Kathy Galloway

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