Project: Scotland’s Voices @ScotVoices

Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on.

National Collective are today delighted to announce the launch of the @ScotVoices rotated curation Twitter account, which will host a different Scot each week.

@ScotVoices is modelled on the @Sweden account (who have kindly tweeted about our project), which was launched by the Swedish Government and has been a great example of the power of social media to blur cultural barriers and connect people across the planet.

There are already similar accounts for many countries including Ireland (@Ireland) and France (@WeAreFrance), although none come close to the 68,000 followers that Sweden boasts.

The @ScotVoices account, which has already accumulated 700+ followers in one day, will be a window into Scotland as we approach the historic independence referendum – although there will be no requirement that the tweeters are pro-independence. This is primarily a cultural, not political, project and we will look to feature tweeters with disparate backgrounds and beliefs. The only requirements are that the tweeters:

  1. Live in Scotland or are an ex-pat Scot, and
  2. Are interesting!

Follow Scotland’s Voices on Twitter.

Q & A

Why did you create this project? 

By featuring a different person each week, we seek to replicate the diversity of thought and experience that exists within Scotland. Rotation curation accounts can serve as windows into a nation, both for those who live here and those who are abroad.

Plus it means you get to know someone new and interesting each week!


How do I nominate someone?

Although you can nominate yourself if you wish, what we’re really interested in is recieving nominations of people you find interesting. If you find someone interesting, there’s a good chance other people will too.

The only restriction is that the nominee must have a connection with Scotland. We will happily accept ex-pat Scots as well as those who’ve moved to Scotland.

To make a nomination, simply follow us and and send us a tweet with the nominees existing twitter account.

From time to time, we may seek out curators ourselves – but we hope most will come from public nominations.


Are there any rules?

If you’ve been chosen to serve as a curator, it’s really up to you how to use the account. We’ve chosen you because you’re interesting, so it should be enough to just be yourself.

But here’s a few guidelines just to make sure:

  • People are following the account to find out about Scotland. What should people know about the country and its people? Let’s show ourselves to the world.
  • We’d expect you to tweet at least a few times daily, but don’t go over the top.
  • Obviously, this is not a platform for abusive or offensive behaviour. Feel free to engage in spirited discussion but we will remove you as curator if you step over the line.

Photograph by Peter McNally.